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The Truth Behind "Old Mustang"

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

“Old Mustang” may be the most well-known song of my music career. It hit #1 on the Power Source Music charts, the music video has over 130,000 views and several mustang groups have even adopted it as their theme song. We’ve been truly blessed its success.

The song goes through the process of rebuilding an old mustang. It’s based on a true story that happened about two years ago. My father called me up and he said “Johnny, I’m sick of this old mustang in the garage I need your help to fix it up and get it out of here.” My father wanted this piece of junk out of his way, and I saw the opportunity to rebuild a mustang with my dad. It took about a month, but we fixed that baby up good as new. I tell you what, the second that cherry-red beauty pulled out of the garage and the sunlight hit it, well I began to loudly proclaim “That’s me! That’s what God did for me!”

The beauty in the song “Old Mustang” is that it goes through the restoration process. In order to get her right again you really have to put in the work. It's all about starting on the inside and working your way out. It can't just look great on the outside, the engine and all the mechanics have to work in unison. Then you've got to work piece by piece to get rid of all the rust and junk. Out with the old, in with the new. Out with my old ways, in with God’s way. Once God restores you, he'll make you feel like brand new too. He'll shine and polish you right up. God restored me by giving me His grace and His love. I’m not gonna lie to you, it takes work and a lot of it! Just when you think your running smooth something slips up and needs fixing again. But man, is it worth it! And I’ll tell ya what, God’s never given up on me.

It’s like I always say, God is in the restoration business!

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