• Johnny Rowlett

The Mystery of Picher, Oklahoma

Updated: May 1, 2019

There is a myth in my family was that my grandmother's parents died in a tragic train accident. But that isn't true at all. It turns out that her family lived in Picher, Oklahoma. What was once a major wealthy mining town, is now completely abandoned.

In both of the World Wars, Pitcher was a major supplier of lead and zinc for the war efforts. Still to this day you can see the heaps of mining hills that contain lead and zinc located all over the town. Children treated these hills as playgrounds and spent hours running around in the lead. Back then, they didn't know that exposure to lead can have negative effects on the human body. It was later discovered that the townspeople had abnormally low IQs, and that discovery was the beginning of the end for Picher, Oklahoma.

To hear the entire story of the town and how it impacted my family, watch the video on our YouTube channel here:

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